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Yedei Chesed operates homes in Rockland County for individuals with developmental disabilities. These homes are designed to meet the individual needs of the residents and are staffed accordingly.


“I truly feel that Yedei Chesed looks out for me and caters to my needs!”

Rachamim Hakakian - - 845-425-0887 Ext. 204

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Individual Residential Alternative (IRA) Homes

IRA Group Homes provide an intensely supervised environment where the needs of the consumers are met 24 hours a day. The goal of the program is to assist the individuals in their daily living and to help them live as independently as possible. Individuals living in Yedei Chesed group homes attend schools, work in local businesses and are totally integrated into communal life.


Supportive IRA

Supportive IRAs are designed for individuals who have the skills & ability to be more independent. Supportive IRAs are limited to 3 or fewer individuals and provide need-based supports and services, but do not require 24-hour staff support and supervision.  


ISS Supportive Apartments

ISS Apartments allow high functioning adults with developmental disabilities, the opportunity to live independently with minimal support services. Staff work with the individuals on building their daily living skills in areas such as cooking, cleaning, maintaining a home, money management, independent travel skills, food purchasing etc. The goal of supportive housing is to help residents develop daily living skills and the ability to live on their own.


Family Care Provider Homes

A baby born with a developmental disability requires a special home environment; a home that offers the support and opportunities that child needs to reach his or her fullest potential as a member of the community. For families that find it difficult meeting their child’s exceptional needs, Yedei Chesed finds a safe and comfortable home where their child will be cared for appropriately. Our Family Care parents are trained and well equipped to cater to the unique requirements of children with developmental disabilities.

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