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Our administrative staff is committed to responding to your concerns and inquiries. Feel free to reach out to any of us at any time. 

Phone 845-425-0887 and the relevant extension.



David Sternhill – Executive Director

Ext. 260


Chanie (Anita) Reisman – Director of Quality Management, Residential Initiatives.

Ext. 251


Rachamim Hakakian - Chief Operating Officer

Ext. 204

Miriam Leah Mermelstein - Director of Ladies Day Services and  Family Supports Services

Ext. 218


Rachel Pollock - Director of FI

Ext. 301



Robin Goldstein, LMSW – Director of Clinical Services

Ext. 230


Mordechai Levine - Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Ext. 276

Yitty Gutner, Director of Human Resources

Ext. 278


Boruch Van Halem- Director of Men's Day Services

Ext. 245

Shlomo Szydlow - Director of ComHab

Ext. 217


Yitzy Pick -  Director of Respite

Ext. 273 

Marcel Cohen - Program Development

Ext. 221 

Chaya Celnik - Controller

Ext. 257


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