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Yedei Chesed’s FSS programs are designed to provide support to the parents and siblings of a child with special needs. Recognizing that living with a child with special needs presents a unique set of challenges, Yedei Chesed designed these programs with the goal of giving each family member the opportunity to connect with and receive chizuk from professionals and other families dealing with similar issues. FSS includes:

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Weekend Retreat

Yedei Chesed’s Weekend Retreat is designed to provide parents with an opportunity to socialize with other families facing similar challenges. Parents attend seminars, support groups and social activities, while gaining valuable information and support from other parents facing similar challenges. The weekend retreat has proven itself to be a highly effective way in which to provide strength, encouragement and support for families who are the primary caregivers of their children with special needs.


“Thank you so much for hosting us at your weekend retreat. We found it to be very informative and inspiring! It was very helpful meeting other parents with the same situation. The weekend will give us a boost to help carry us through the rough road ahead…”


Overnight Respite

Overnight respite affords families the opportunity to confidently leave an individual with special needs overnight with another caregiver. This enables the family to attend a wedding, take a long overdue vacation or be able to cope with a crisis. The service can be provided either at the home of the individual or the caregiver.


“The good feeling that my child with special needs was properly being cared for made this vacation a relaxing one. It would not have come about without your help. Thank you.”


Camp Mommy

Camp Mommy offers a unique, much-needed getaway for the mothers of children with developmental disabilities. This special time enables them to do what many people take for granted in their daily lives – eat leisurely in a pleasant environment, sleep and be pampered with no pressure to hurry. Our goal is to lift these mothers out of their stress-filled lives for just a few days and let them relax, have fun, vent, make friends and gain strength to continue caring for their child with special needs.


“I could only sum up my stay at Camp Mommy by saying ‘Thank You’ for the most pleasant experience I’ve had in a long time!”



Once a month, the siblings of children with special needs get together for a fun evening of socialization and recreation where they enjoy activities such as baking, writing, arts and crafts, food decorating and other fun and age-appropriate projects.  At the program, the siblings have the opportunity to express their feelings about their sibling in a safe and understanding atmosphere.


Social Skills Program

The social skills program trains individuals and their families on appropriate social responses in a variety of settings. The sessions are held in small groups facilitated by a licensed social worker.


Reimbursement Programs

Yedei Chesed provides limited funds through various reimbursement programs. Overnight respite pays a caregiver to care for the disabled child overnight, enabling the family to attend a wedding, take a long overdue vacation or cope with a crisis. The Overnight Camp fund can help defray a portion of the expense of a special needs summer camp. Respite through Reimbursement, Community Inclusion and Family Reimbursement are other funds that can be applied for at specific times throughout the year to help cover the costs of certain specific expenses associated with the disabled child.


Events for Fathers

Fathers get together weekly in a social setting for food, fun and peer support. They also get to experience a “fathers only” overnight trip once per year where they enjoy camping, cookouts, a kumzits and various other activities.


Other Events

Throughout the year, various support programs are held for the fathers, mothers and siblings of children with special needs.  These events can take the form of speeches, seminars, entertainment, activities and trips such as chol hamoed outings and a sibling summer trip. It is at events such as these that participants are introduced to other families dealing with similar issues and are able to form a network of peer support.


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