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Day Programs offer day habilitation, pre-vocational training, and supported employment. Both our men and women's day habilitation programs are custom made according to the needs and desired outcomes of each particular individual. The day consists of sessions in life skills, independent living skills, social skills, community integration, and recreational activities. Our pre-vocational and supported employment programs help train and sustain our individuals as productive and employable members of the community.


“I must say that Workpoint truly helped my business grow! At first, I was skeptical about including an employee who has developmental disabilities as part of my staff, but his excellent work, dedication to do his job right and of course the monetary benefits is what brought my business to where it is today" (Local Employer).

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Men's Programs: 

Baruch Van Halem- 845.425.0887 ext. 245 -

Business & Parnassa Essentials

Basic Computer Skills - Microsoft Word - Typing Skills - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft PowerPoint - How to write your Resume and Cover Letter - How to prepare for a Job Interview - Ongoing Reading, Writing and Math Skills - Young Jewish Professionals Networking Club

Vocational Men Training

Woodworking - General Construction - Plumbing - Locksmithing - Hat Cleaning - Cashiering - Phone Answering Services - Farm Work: Animal Care, Horse Care & Therapy, and Gardening. 

A Healthy Mind makes a Healthy Person

Night Kollel - Rabbinical and Hashkafic Support and Chizuk - Hilchos Kashrus - Daily Customized Chumash Shiurim - Customized Shiurim in Mishnayos and Gemara - Music Lessons and Instrument Discovery - Therapeutic Art Classes, and Pre Shabbos Kumzitz.  

A Healthy Body makes a Healthy Person

Professional Gym On-Site - Personalized Fitness and Diet Consulting - Weekly Swimming and Lifeguarding Lessons - Weekly Karate, Krav-Maga and Strength Fitness. 

Ladies Programs: 

Miriam Leah Mermelstein - 845.425.0887 ext. 218 -  

Beyond Borders

In this program, people are presented with a wide array of skill-building opportunities which foster individual independence and productivity that enhance a person's quality of life. We offer Job Coaching, an Academic Program, Recreational Activities, Daily Functioning Skill Classes, and Practical Skills. 


Everyone has their own range of abilities and needs. At Peninim, we aim to help our people achieve goals and acquire skills The goals we work on are Personal Care, Socialization, Safety and Community Skills, Self-Direction, and Behavior. 

Partners in Progress

This program is highly individualized and geared towards mature women. It provides he opportunity to learn sophisticated skills that will enhance abilities in several areas. Some of the skills may include; Organizational Skills, Job Skills, and Practical Daily Living Skills. 


"The Journey" programs provide people with a supportive environment to grow and thrive while gibing them enough autonomy to make decisions on their own and to gain the skills necessary for achieving success in obtaining competitive employment, living on their own, pursuing higher education or advanced job training, and developing healthy adult relationships. 

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