Family Support Coordination

David Sternhill - - 845-425-0887 Ext. 260

Yedei Chesed’s Family Support Coordinators (FSCs) are trained to support families by maintaining ongoing contact throughout the year and gaining an understanding of the unique circumstances they face on a day-to-day basis. While the intake and eligibility processes and care coordination are spearheaded by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs), Yedei Chesed continues to be a bastion of support, information and resources for families. The FSC’s are here to help families:
  • Access resources
  • Understand the intake and eligibility process
  • Understand their options regarding services
  • Connect with other families through support groups
  • Obtain Family Support Services
  • Connect with the CCO of their choice
  • Obtain necessary paperwork 
The FSC’s are also available to act as an advocates between the family and CCO where necessary.
​Most importantly, FSCs are here to ensure that no one facing a developmental disability feels alone in their journey.