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The purpose and goal of our Community Habilitation program, or ComHab, is to help your loved ones accomplish their ComHab goals in a way that best meets their needs & achieve a higher level of independence both at home & in the community.


Goals are designed and tailored according to the needs, interests, and abilities of the client in collaboration with the individuals themselves, parents, and advocates. Goals must be listed on the ComHab plan.


Providers are selected and placed with a client who would be best suited to help them meet their goals. Yedei Chesed would consider ComHab

Providers that are suggested by parents when it will benefit the individual   being served. If needed, behavioral therapists are available to consult with parents, consumers, providers, or to create a behavioral plan which will optimize the actualization of ComHab goals.



“Having someone come into my home to work with Sara is a real help. Thanks so much for everything, we surely wouldn't manage without it!”

Shlomo Szydlow - - 845-425-0887

Ext. 217

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