Twilight Program

We are thrilled to announce that registration is now open for our incredible TWILIGHT Night Activity Program. Exclusive for Teen Girls. 

The Twilight Program will take place twice a week, where the girls will have fun, learn and develop skills at the same time. 

Our enriching curriculum includes Life Skills, Music and Movement, Social Skills, Recreation, Cooking, and Baking.

Competitive and team-building opportunities while having fun with your peers!

For more information, please contact the FSS Department at 845-425-0887 ext. 271 or at 


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Meet Aim​the leading Respite Program out there! Aim offers a variety of individualized supports for people with developmental disabilities. Located on a beautiful state of the art campus and run by experienced coordinators and staff.


Look out for exciting additional programs launching this fall. 


Aim is here for you on

Sundays - Afternoons - Shabbatons - Legal Holidays - In Between Camp & School


What we offer

Sensory & Art Room -  Animal Therapy - Music Therapy - Social Skills Group - Nurse on Premises - Transportation Provided - Lunch & Dinner Served. 

For more information, please contact Yitzy Pick at 845-425-0887 ext. 273 or at 

'Princess in Me' Program

Yedei Chesed presents 'The Princess in Me Program'! A Sunday Program for young ladies that focuses on helping build self esteem, self love and self respect. 

Through the use of games and fun activities in a warm, loving environment, you will gain the skills needed in becoming more mindful and aware of your emotions.

For more information, please contact the FSS Department at 845-425-0887 ext. 271 or at 

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Achim Program

ACHIM after school / Sunday program for mainstreamed boys. The boys become a team and learn skills and have fun together. The boys will enjoy music, karate, woodworking, sports…. They will have their own ACHIM song and record in a studio. And the highlight of the year- throughout the year we will go through a brachos curriculum, learn about a new bracha each month and then at the end the boys will make a SIYUM!! 

For more information, please contact the FSS Department at 845-425-0887 ext. 271 or at 

Great things can happen when we're equipped with the knowledge of childhood importance and armed with a fierce loyalty toward family. One of those great things is Loyal Care. The name itself represents the devoted and dependable approach offer. Intended for ages 0 to 21, the Loyal Care Program offers early childhood support, thereby reducing the need for more intensive help later in life.


Loyal Care provides the supports to enable our children to thrive in social settings and become integrated community members. 


The criteria needed to qualify for this program are quite broad. The supports are offered in non-traditional settings and incorporates a variety of activities including play therapy, expressive arts, social skills, and more.


Truly transformational and highly impactful, Loyal Care is here to make a difference.

For more information, please reach out to Mr. Marcel Cohen at 845-425-0887 ext. 221 or at 


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