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Encourage Children with Disabilities to Connect Through Art

Children love to play and create, and those with learning disabilities are capable of art with a little help from their guardians. Expressing creativity has many benefits, like communicating inner thoughts, growing confidence, and connecting with others. Since there are many types of art, your children can experience a variety of benefits. The caring professionals at Yedei Chesed explain how to help your child bring out their inner artist.

How Visual Arts Help

Drawing and painting seem to be innate in children because that’s how they usually express themselves first. They instinctively reach for crayons and pencils to occupy their time. Visual arts give children a chance to communicate with pictures of what they can’t say with words. They get a chance to use one of the greatest toys they have: their own imaginations.

In fact, practicing the arts has many benefits. Painting and drawing are excellent forms of therapy. In fact, art therapy has been used to reduce stress and improve mental wellness, so it can also help your child cope with any inner struggles. 

Music and Dance

Ancient peoples used drums and handmade flutes for celebrations. Many children feel the urge to move when they hear music, and some may even want to learn to play music. Music has long been a way for people, even those who are strangers, to connect with one another as human beings. People connect through melodies, which are another form of non-verbal communication. 

Dance can improve coordination and balance while being an outlet for creative expression. Disability Horizons explains that many children and adults who dance often feel a greater sense of confidence in what they can achieve physically.

Making Crafts

Children have also loved to make things to give as gifts, which makes learning arts and crafts another wonderful outlet for expression. Making crafts as a family can also create tighter bonds and boosts brain productivity. Your child also experiences a boost of confidence and learns the value of putting effort into making something, even if they make a mistake.

Design a Home Art Studio

If your child demonstrates a love of art, design an art room that is both stylish and functional. Consider the size of the room. You will need enough space for art supplies, a work surface, and storage. Choose furniture that is child and accessibility friendly. A small table and chairs, for example, will be much more comfortable for your child than a large desk.

You can also select storage solutions that are both stylish and practical. A shelving unit with baskets or drawers is perfect for storing art supplies and keeping the room tidy. Finally, consider turning this room into a multifunctional space. This could boost your home’s appraisal value if you decide to sell at some point.

How Your Child’s Path Helps You

Parenting is a learning experience. You put forth the effort and hope everything turns out well. Helping your child find the best art form requires patience and the love of teaching. If you find out that you enjoy teaching and want to help others, you can start your own business. You can either have lessons in your own home or you can visit the homes of your clientele. Regardless of which you choose, you might want to form a limited liability company or LLC.

An LLC is a type of business formation that offers many benefits. Individual people can operate as their own LLC as there’s no need for the shareholders that a corporation requires. This designation also provides you with limited tax liability with less paperwork and more flexibility. You can also create one on your own or you can use an online formation service to help you. Please keep in mind that each state has its own regulations regarding the formation of LLCs, so take time to research the rules for forming an LLC in New York

Next Steps

Art and music have many benefits for children with disabilities. Give your child different opportunities and watch how they respond. When you find a medium that grabs their attention, provide more opportunities for them to explore, learn, and express themselves through it. With the right opportunities, your child can create beautiful works of art – and so can you with your new business.

Are you looking for support and resources to help your child become the amazing person they are meant to be? Look no further than Yedei Chesed. We have resources and support services from day services to intensive behavior services and residential programs.

Visit us online to learn more.

Journeys Program_page-0001.jpg

Journey Program

Empowering - Courageous - Self-Expression​

"Supporting you to support yourself."

"The Journey" programs provide people with a supportive environment to grow and thrive while giving them enough autonomy to make decisions on their own and to gain the skills necessary for achieving success in obtaining competitive employment, living on their own, pursuing higher education or advanced job training, and developing healthy adult relationships. 

This program is geared for Young Ladies who already graduated from school.

For more information, please contact Miriam Leah at 845-425-0887 ext. 218 or at 


Twilight Program

We are thrilled to announce that registration is now open for our incredible TWILIGHT Night Activity Program. Exclusive for Teen Girls. 

The Twilight Program will take place twice a week, where the girls will have fun, learn and develop skills at the same time. 

Our enriching curriculum includes Life Skills, Music and Movement, Social Skills, Recreation, Cooking, and Baking.

Competitive and team-building opportunities while having fun with your peers!

For more information, please contact Yitzy Pick at 845-425-0887 ext. 273 or at 

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Achim-Community Connections-Full page-1.jpg

Achim Program

ACHIM after school / Sunday program for mainstreamed boys. The boys become a team and learn skills and have fun together. The boys will enjoy music, karate, woodworking, sports…. They will have their own ACHIM song and record in a studio. And the highlight of the year- throughout the year we will go through a brachos curriculum, learn about a new bracha each month and then at the end the boys will make a SIYUM!! 

For more information, please contact Yitzy Pick at 845-425-0887 ext. 273 or at 

AIM! Program

Meet Aim​the leading Respite Program out there! Aim offers a variety of individualized supports for people with developmental disabilities. Located on a beautiful state of the art campus and run by experienced coordinators and staff.


Look out for exciting additional programs launching this fall. 


Aim is here for you on

Sundays - Afternoons - Shabbatons - Legal Holidays - In Between Camp & School


What we offer

Sensory & Art Room -  Animal Therapy - Music Therapy - Social Skills Group - Nurse on Premises - Transportation Provided - Lunch & Dinner Served. 

For more information, please contact Yitzy Pick at 845-425-0887 ext. 273 or at 

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Princess in me_view_full-1.jpg

'Princess in Me' Program

Yedei Chesed presents 'The Princess in Me Program'! A Sunday Program for young ladies that focuses on helping build self esteem, self love and self respect. 

Through the use of games and fun activities in a warm, loving environment, you will gain the skills needed in becoming more mindful and aware of your emotions.

For more information, please contact Yitzy Pick at 845-425-0887 ext. 273 or at 

Great things can happen when we're equipped with the knowledge of childhood importance and armed with a fierce loyalty toward family. One of those great things is Loyal Care. The name itself represents the devoted and dependable approach offer. Intended for ages 0 to 21, the Loyal Care Program offers early childhood support, thereby reducing the need for more intensive help later in life.


Loyal Care provides the supports to enable our children to thrive in social settings and become integrated community members. 


The criteria needed to qualify for this program are quite broad. The supports are offered in non-traditional settings and incorporates a variety of activities including play therapy, expressive arts, social skills, and more.


Truly transformational and highly impactful, Loyal Care is here to make a difference.

For more information, please reach out to Mr. Chaim Chazanoff at 845-425-0887 ext. 225 or at 

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