Yedei Chesed Partners with CDNY for Care Coordination!

Yedei Chesed has partnered with Care Design New York (CDNY) through its alliance with Hudson Valley Care Coordination Services (HVCCS) to provide care coordination to the people we have supported through our Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program. CDNY is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce to meet the needs of our culture and has employed our former MSCs who continue to coordinate care and services for the people and families supported through Yedei Chesed's many programs. Our relationship with CDNY and its care coordinators helps ensure smoother communication and service provision for people supported by both organizations. Please call our FSC department at 845-425-0887, ext. 206 or email for information on this partnership and what it means for people and families seeking assistance.

Yedei Chesed Achieves Coveted CQL Accreditation!

Yedei Chesed is a proud recipient of accreditation by the Council for Quality and Leadership (CQL), a credential denoting the agency's high level of quality and person-centeredness. CQL staff visited Yedei Chesed's various program sites and observed programs in action over a four-day period. During that time they interviewed staff, people supported and family members. Organizations accredited by CQL are held to a higher standard and must maintain a rigorous quality management program to ensure ongoing improvements are made to our policies and processes. For more information on what CQL accreditation means to you, please contact our Director of Quality Management, Mrs. Chanie Reisman at 845-425-0887, ext. 251 at

Resource Network for Siblings of Adults with I/DD

Siblings are important – in fact, siblings often have the longest relationship of their lives with each other. Sibling Resources is an evolving website dedicated to issues concerning adult siblings of individuals with disabilities. This growing network recognizes the important role that Siblings in the lives of their loved ones.  By joining, one can become part of the sibling community in New York and nationally and receive information, resources and on-line learning opportunities.

Go to: Sibling Resources: to join the network! 

Great Gadgets for Indoor Play

Do you ever complain about your child- “My son is always bored! He’s not interested in toys, games, etc. I don’t know how to keep him busy/out of trouble!”? This site has some great ideas for “toys” for kids who don’t play with regular toys. Maybe something on this list will be engaging for your child!


This website has all kinds of fidgets, toys and sensory objects that could be great for children, as well as for adults (we have stress and sensory needs, too)! The site is called “office playground” because the products are designed to be “office toys” and stress relievers.  There are so many different items, and many of them are very inexpensive (tons under $5- even some under $1).


These last sites have app suggestions for individuals with autism. If your child or his providers have an ipad, some of these may be helpful for them.



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