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Yedei Chesed FSS Department has expanded and now includes a variety of exciting programs and events which will provide the opportunity to support many more people enrolled with Yedei Chesed.

For more information, please contact Miriam Leah Mermelstein at 845-425-0887 ext. 218 or by email 

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Twilight offers ladies a unique opportunity to have fun while developing life skills and independence.

This exciting program will take place twice a week on Monday nights and Thursday nights from 5:30 - 8:30.

Our activities come in all shapes and sizes! The ladies will go exercise in the gym, stop for ice cream, and shop for ingredients in the grocery.

We will make handmade jewelry, create our very own scrapbooks, and learn to budget our money by shopping for ingredients for baking and cooking.

These fun activities will provide them with essential skills and will let their independence blossom and flourish.

On Thursday nights, we will create a Shabbos menu, go grocery shopping for Shabbos, and each week we will learn how to cook or bake something delicious for the Shabbos table. We will learn about the week's Parsha, have an enjoyable kumzitz, and delicious cholent will be served.


ACHIM after school / Sunday program for mainstreamed boys. The boys become a team and learn skills and have fun together. The boys will enjoy music, karate, woodworking, sports…. They will have their own ACHIM song and record in a studio. And the highlight of the year- throughout the year we will go through a brachos curriculum, learn about a new bracha each month and then at the end the boys will make a SIYUM!! 

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Yedei Chesed presents 'The Princess in Me Program'! A Sunday Program for young ladies that focuses on helping build self esteem, self love and self respect. 

Through the use of games and fun activities in a warm, loving environment, you will gain the skills needed in becoming more mindful and aware of your emotions.


Yedei Chesed hosts monthly Shabbatons for children and young adults. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide the participants with an exciting and uplifting Shabbos experience, while at the same time, the parents get a well-deserved break! The kids come home on Sunday afternoon freshly bathed and well fed, ready to start the new week. 

Yedei Chesed also offers day trips on special occasions, such as Chol Hamoed, Chanukah and in the Summer. 

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