Counting Yens

What is OTPS? (Other Than Personal Spending?)

As a part of the ComHab program, your ComHab Provider can access OTPS funds, to acquire the necessary tools to work towards assisting the individual achieve his/her goals as per the ComHab plan.


OTPS Guidelines

  • All OTPS requests being considered must be aimed at working toward a goal on the ComHab plan & will be used during ComHab hours with a ComHab Provider.

  • OTPS items left in the home may be used outside ComHab time to reinforce the goals.

  • Purchases and/or requests for purchases should be made by the ComHab Provider or the Habilitation Specialist.


Staff Training

  • OTPS can also be used to train staff up to six times per year and a maximum of $300 dollars per allowance (in addition to the mandatory trainings). Each request for funding for training will be considered for approval based on availability of funds and justification of need in sync with the client's goals. 

Approval Process for Small Purchases

  • Purchases totaling less than $50 per month do not require prior approval and can be made at the Provider’s discretion (OTPS form and receipt must be submitted for reimbursement). The item will then belong to the individual receiving ComHab services.


Approval Process for Large Purchases

  • A single purchase larger than $50, requires prior approval from the ComHab Supervisor (OTPS form needs to be submitted and approved prior to the purchase, receipts are to be submitted    after the purchase). The item will then belong to the individual receiving ComHab services.

  • For approved purchases, greater than $50 but less than $200, the full value of the item will be reimbursed once the receipt is submitted. The item will then belong to the individual receiving ComHab services. 

  • For approved purchases larger than $200 there are two options:


  1. Yedei Chesed can lend the item from the ComHab Resource Center or, if necessary, purchase the item for the individual to use with the ComHab Provider. In this case, the item belongs to the Yedei Chesed ComHab Resource Center & will be returned to the Resource Center upon achieving the goal associated with the item or if the goal is no longer being worked on.

  2. Families can purchase the item for the individual and request that Yedei Chesed   supplement part of the cost that will cover ComHab use. In this case, the item will belong to the family. The amount that Yedei Chesed can supplement towards the purchase of the item cannot exceed 75% of the total cost.


Excluded Items

  • Under the OTPS regulations, the following items are not eligible for OTPS funding:

  1. Medical expenses (any item that Medical insurance will cover, i.e. therapy, walker, wheelchair, etc.

  2. Regular household items (i.e. bicycles, high-chairs, toothbrushes)

  3. Items not in the ComHab plan

  4. Clothing

  5. Any items covered under another program (i.e. Family reimbursement, Environmental modifications)                   


Is your situation not addressed in this guide?

Although we have outlined the guidelines under which OTPS funding can be utilized, there are times when other considerations need to be made. If you feel that your    circumstance warrants a closer look for consideration, please call the ComHab department for more information:


Shlomo Szydlow

Dept. Director: 845-425-0887 Ext. 217

Robin Goldstein, LMSW

Dept. Director: 845-425-0887 Ext. 230


You may also contact your MSC to make the inquiry on your behalf.